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A Melting Pot of European Culture

There is a reason why Belgium is considered to be the centre of Europe. The country is home to more than 1,000 international organisations, private and public, and its transport network is both dense and interconnected. Its central geographical and political location holds great opportunities for exports and its workforce is one of the most productive in Europe. Belgium is also renowned to be the best consumer test market for the region. If you can convince Belgian to stop eating crêpes and chips to try your products, there’s a high chance you will successfully make your entry into the European market at large.

Belgium is a trading nation. Consumption growth slowed down in the past few years, due mostly to higher inflation, but its versatile population still holds a high purchasing power. With 80% of its national GDP depending on exports, Belgium has all the incentive to stay a prosperous, open, and highly competitive market. Thanks to its unique tax system, foreign investors can also benefit from a lot of deductions.

In this Getting to Global guide, we will guide you through the process of reaching Belgium’s consumers, successfully making sales on ecommerce channels, and getting your products to reach the desired consumers.


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