Legal & Regulatory

In general, all existing laws that apply to traditional commerce apply equally in an electronic environment. These include things like laws governing business incorporation, business name registration, taxation, consumer protection, deceptive advertising, importing/exporting, product safety, product standards, criminal code, inter-provincial trade treaties, intellectual property and liability. Your business, regardless of its size, must comply with the laws of any jurisdiction, both within and outside of Canada, where it is deemed to be conducting business. [1]

FX Policies

As of 1 March 2017, the Bank of Canada began publishing new exchange rates for 26 currencies, once each business day by 16:30 ET. Until 28 April 2017, the legacy noon and closing exchange rates will be published in parallel with the new rates to allow users time to make any necessary adjustments. As of 1 May 2017, the Bank will publish only the single daily rate described above. [2]


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