Canada is the Largest Trade Partner of the US and It Shows

The Canadian consumer is quite relaxed regarding delivery speed. He knows: It takes time to deliver goods to remote areas. It is more important that shipment is free and that a delivery date is provided when the order is placed. [1] 



A gratifyingly low rate of returns of 4.3% shows that the Canadian consumer does not like to return ordered goods. There are on average 0.2 returns per customer which is significantly below the global reference value. With 40.9% the classic fashion faux pas is the most common return reason: The product does not fit. It also happens that a consumer is not happy with a product in general (30.6%). Compared to the international comparative values, a product is less frequently returned due to defects or quality issues. [2]

Import Duties

The duty valuation method is FOB (Free on Board), which means that the import duty is calculated exclusively on the value of the imported goods. In addition to duty, imports may be subject to other taxes such as GST/PST/HST and excise. Duty rates in Canada range between 0% and 35%, where the average duty rate is 8.56%. [3]



36.3 million


$1,575 billion

OECD Risk Score: