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The Star of South America

With labour laws favourable towards business, macroeconomic stability, growth perspective, low-level risk, excellent solvency, and the highest purchasing power in South America, Chile is a top choice for foreign investors trying to enter a new market. As one of the strongest economies in South America, Chile’s policies tend to be favourable towards business and it ranked high among the countries that are the most open to imports and foreign investments. Chile’s market might not be the largest, but investors will benefit from an easier access to regional markets through different trade agreements.

Chile has a low level of corruption and a high degree of bureaucratic transparency, and investors are also attracted by its rich natural resources, its low level of risk, the high quality of its infrastructure, a low public debt, a healthy financial system, and reliable institutions. The operating costs of doing business in Chile tend to be higher compared to other Latin American countries, and the country also lacks innovation, with very weak spending in R&D. Be as it may, the political environment and its modernity make Chile an attractive option for foreign investors. Its capital, Santiago, is one of the best cities to live in and the country itself has one of the best quality of life in Latin America.

The Chilean’s government has worked hard to simplify investment procedures, with a moderate income tax on companies. In this Getting to Global guide, we will guide you through the process of reaching Chile’s consumers, successfully making sales on ecommerce channels, and getting your products to reach the desired consumers.


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