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The provisions of the Privacy and Data Protection Act apply to the processing of personal data, unless otherwise provided elsewhere in the law. Namely, the Act Applies to the automatic processing of personal data. Also other processing of personal data where the data constitutes or is intended to constitute a personal data le or a part thereof. Also, the processing of personal data where the controller is established in the territory of Finland, or otherwise subject to Finnish law.

Where the Controller is not established in the territory of a Member State of EU, the act applies where the controller uses equipment located in Finland in the processing of personal data, except where the equipment is used solely for the transfer of data through the territory. In this case the controller shall designate a representative established in Finland. Does Not Apply; To the processing of personal data by a private individual for purely personal purposes or for comparable ordinary and private purposes and to personal data les containing, solely and in unaltered form, data that have been published by the media.

The Finnish Consumer Protection Act Regulates on Various Fields:

Chapter 2. Regulation on Marketing: No conduct that is inappropriate or otherwise unfair from the point of view of consumers shall be allowed in marketing. Marketing that does not convey information necessary in respect of the health or economic security of consumers shall always be deemed unfair. Marketing must clearly show its commercial purpose and on whose behalf marketing is implemented. The Seller is prohibited in delivering the goods to the customer, if the goods are not expressly ordered. Comparison of the goods to the competitors products is acceptable as long as the information on the competing products are not false or misleading.

Chapter 3. Regulation on Contract Terms: In general the Contracts are binding. However, the concept of ‘Social Civil Law” has been accepted into the Finnish Contract Law. The consumer is kept as a weaker party of a contract where the contract has been made between a consumer and a trader. The EU Directive on unfair terms in consumer contracts (93/13/EEC) has been implemented by the Consumer Protection Act.

Chapter 5. General Provisions on the Sale of Consumer Goods: The section 5 applies where the seller is a business, and the buyer is a consumer. A contract provision, which di ers from what has been laid down in the Consumer Protection Act to the detriment of a Customer shall be void. For example where a warranty has been granted to a product, the restriction of a warranty right is not possible, and the Consumer has always the right to invoke the failure in the product, and rely on the warranty that was granted at the time the purchase took its place.

Chapter 6. Door-to-door selling and Distance Selling (eCommerce): The Chapter 6 regulates on the 14 days money back guarantee. Opposite to the other types of business, the consumer bears the right of returning the product without further explanation in 14 days time. The Consumer is the one bearing the costs caused by the returning of the goods. After receiving the noti cation of the withdrawal, the Seller is to return the paid money without delay.

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Finnish foreign exchange controls have been abolished.[23]



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