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A Land of History Embracing the Future

It is believed Italy is responsible from introducing the world to ice cream, a technique Marco Polo brought back from China. And thanks to Italy’s openness to the world, the country is now a geographic honeypot with a highly diversified export structure and a strong manufacturing sector. Its workforce is also qualified, with experience in high-quality production and technical savoir-faire. Italy also hosts major trade shows, attracting buyers from all around the world, and its entrepreneurs are both creative and innovative.

The Federal Government of Italy has put in place various reforms in the past years to improve the country competitiveness. However, corruption and organised crime are still a problem and the weak enforcement of intellectual property rights can further hinder investments. Also, a foreign investor doing business in the North, more business-friendly, will have a totally different experience than if it was operating in the South, where unemployment is high. Still, the privatization program led by the government, with the liberalization of the energy and telecommunications markets, offers interesting avenues for investors. Italy also provides many benefits for investors, including tax advantages, investment loans at discounted rates on interest, state guarantee for exporters, and other financial aid, especially for those interested in the South.

In this Getting to Global guide, we will guide you through the process of reaching Italy’s consumers, successfully making sales on ecommerce channels, and getting your products to reach the desired consumers.


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