The Italian Shoppers

Italian consumers tend to base their purchases on the quality of the item and the after sales service they will receive. Italians prefer packaging with clearly conveyed information. When given the choice, Italians prefer products ‘made in Italy’. Environmental criteria are less influential on decision-making. Novelty is welcomed, especially in the fashion sector. [1]

Digital Marketing

The power of the internet in Italy is limitless. Dissimilar to other forms of media, a website has the potential to reach anyone with online access, which is an estimated 950 million, or 15% of the worlds population. The internet transcends counties, countries and continents, meaning market restriction is not the problem it is in other forms of publicity.

The power of a good website in Italy is unbeatable. It can raise your businesss profile, making it look more prestigious, competent and successful. Conversely, it can also give your company a tawdry, unwelcoming, even laughable appearance. A good web development in Italy becomes fundamental. If you havent realised by now, cultural sensitivity is a pretty major factor when expanding a business in Italy. And its not just words and etiquette that have a profound impact on your businesss success. Indeed, the very symbols and logos you choose to employ can also increase or negate the profitability of your operations too. Online marketing in Italy must also take this into account. And it always comes back to research. Unlike in the UK, where pretty much anything goes, and symbols and images rarely connote things like misfortune or propitiousness, the same cannot be said for foreign countries. Here in the UK, we dont take symbols of luck and adversity too literally: its all horse-shoes, rabbit feet and walking under ladders. People more prevalently steeped in the historicism and traditions of their country, however, generally perpetuate the superstition and iconicity of the generations that preceded them. This often includes such simple things as colours, shapes and numbers. For instance, using the colour red in China is a sign of virtuousness; use white, however, and youre symbolising death. [2]

Social Media

Social networking in Italy is booming and 28 million Italians are active social media subscribers with 22 million active mobile accounts. 26 million Italians are active Facebook subscribers, a rising number of mobile surfers also utilize smartphones and tablets to take advantage of exclusive offers presented to them through social media. [3]

Major Shopping Categories

As for services bought online, the best performances were in travel and tourism (47% of the market value), insurance services (7.5%) and ticketing for events (5.5%). In terms of products bought online most transaction are in the information technology/consumer electronics (13%), followed by apparel (9%) and books/music/video (4%). Some of the sectors with the highest growth in 2015 are those in the food and grocery, furniture and home living and beauty products. [4]

Major Retail Holidays

Aside from the holiday season, there are two official Italian sales periods each year – winter and summer – when every shop has what can amount to clearance sales for 6-8 weeks. The winter sales period starts in January, usually near the beginning of the month, and lasts through mid-February or until inventory is gone. The summer sales begin in July, usually near the start of the month, and last through about mid-August or until inventory is gone. [5]


60.6 million

Median Age:


Internet Use:

61.3% (86th)

Most Popular Social Network:

Facebook (30M users)