The typical Mexican consumer has seen tremendous gains in purchasing power over the past decade and is likely to see further gains in the future. Most consumers - over 75% of the population - reside in urban centres where the United States tends to have a strong influence on consumer habits. However, there is considerable disparity among purchasing power throughout the country. Approximately 20% of the population lives below poverty level and more than 58% in precarious conditions. Wives are largely the ones in charge of a family's purchasing within a typical household. While men will become involved in the acquisition of services or larger purchases, a family's day-to-day shopping is dominated by wives. Within this context, family and friends exert a strong influence on purchasing habits. Mexican consumers tend to be very aware of brand names and focused on the cost-benefit ratio of a product or service. The consumer tends to seek out an individualised customer service experience.


Social Media

According to a recent study conducted by the Internet Mexican Association (AMPICI), 90% internet users in Mexico access social networks and about 46% approve of having publicity in social media. The most important promotional tools chosen by companies are direct mail, social media and telemarketing.


Major Shopping Categories

During the first quarter of 2015, over half of those shoppers purchased from international retailers, most of which were from the United States. Apparel and accessories account for most online purchases in Mexico, with digital downloads trailing closely. Although furniture, computer equipment and software, and consumer electronics are low on the list in terms of purchase incidence, they lead in terms of money spent.


Major Retail Holidays

El Buen Fin ("the good weekend") occurs in Mexico across four days in November. In 2015, El Buen Fin took place from November 13-16, the weekend prior to celebrations of the Mexican Revolution, which ended during this time in 1920. In 2014, retailers in Mexico City accrued approximately €11.3 billion. Originally inspired by Black Friday, El Buen Fin was conceived to increase consumption in Mexico, thereby boosting its economy, as well as offering some assistance to the overall welfare of the country's families.


127.5 million

Median Age:


Internet Use:

59.5% (92nd)

Most Popular Social Network:

Facebook (59.3M users)