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Norway: The land of fjords, Vikings … and trolls. A country also home to a modern, educated, and technologically advanced society, with an economy that relies heavily on the price of oil. And despite some challenges regarding import and customs restrictions, Norway is welcoming to foreign investment, promoting a liberal environment for foreign trade. The domestic market is small, but its geographical location puts it at the center of a fertile region richly endowed with natural resources.

Norway presents its visitors with amazing landscapes and northern lights, and its international investors with appealing growth rates, a stable business environment, a highly skilled labour force, strong property rights protection, and quality infrastructure. The country encourages foreign investment and attracts them with vast natural resources, a transparent and efficient business culture, and a safe and easy place to do business.

Welcome to one of the healthiest countries in the World! In this Getting to Global guide, we will guide you through the process of reaching Norway’s consumers, successfully making sales on ecommerce channels, and getting your products to reach the desired consumers.


5.2 million


$371.9 billion

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