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Domestic and preferred card schemes

Debit and credit cards are the preferred payment methods.


A 2014 survey by Bring highlighted security as the most important consideration for consumers shopping online, particularly in Norway where 79% of shoppers ranked this as their main concern.

Alternative Payment Methods

In Norway, micro payments are surprisingly popular as 13% of the respondents have paid their goods this way. 

Mobile Appetite

There are still few people in the Nordics who shop online using their smartphone (DK: 4%, FI: 4%, NO: 5%, SE: 6%), so the researchers asked what it will take for them to buy more online using their smartphone. Most respondents said they want the websites to be better optimized for mobile browsing. Many people also wanted better navigation, better payment methods and an easier purchase process. 

The global rank also serves to highlight how advanced Norwegian consumers are in the adoption of smartphones yet, although the usage of mobile devices is growing, it is also important to note that desktops are still an important component in the digital journey. In Norway, a mobile device is the preferred choice. Apple smartphones hold a slim majority over Android devices.

Most Popular Social Network:

Facebook (3.4M users)

Most Popular Payment Method:

Debit or Credit Cards

Largest eCommerce Website: