Many younger Slovaks speak English, and the general population is highly interested in American entertainment products. Many consumers who have already purchased fiber optic connections belong to a market segment that is receptive to cutting-edge technology.

Social Media

Slovakia’s Social Media Penetration is 45% accounting for 2.46 million people in 2017, with this expected to reach 2.63 million people by 2021. Facebook is by far the leading social network. Twitter and LinkedIn are also popular.

Major shopping categories

The most commonly purchased products are consumer goods, electronics, software, voice, data and TV services, household appliances, furniture, hobbies, music, video on demand, cosmetics, toys, airline tickets, holiday trips, tickets for cultural events, and clothes.


5.4 million

Median Age:


Internet Use:

80.5% (36th)

Most Popular Social Network:

Facebook (2.4M users)