Almost three in four Swedish households with access to the internet have ordered something online in the last twelve months. Almost three in ten Swedes order something online at least once a month. Although ecommerce is widely distributed troughout the country, the most active ecommerce customers can be found in inland municipalities in the north of Sweden. 

The most frequent online shoppers are 45-59 years old

Shopper Behavior

Sweden has seen good growth in retail ecommerce sales over the past few years, and 2014 was no exception. According to a February report from PostNord, Svensk Digital Handel and HUI Research, digital buyers in Sweden spent a total of SEK42.9 billion ($6.25 billion) on online purchases of retail goods last year, representing 16% growth from 2013. As such, digital accounted for 6.4% of total retail sales in the country in 2014. While internet users in Sweden still tended to prefer domestic ecommerce sites when it came to buying on the web, one-third of digital buyers told PostNord that they had made an online purchase of a retail good from a foreign merchant in 2014. In all, cross-border sales represented more than one-quarter (26.8%) of last year’s total retail ecommerce sales, or SEK11.51 billion ($1.68 billion). As in 2013, consumer electronics was the single-largest sector in terms of retail ecommerce sales in Sweden last year. PostNord found that digital sales for that industry reached SEK10.3 billion ($1.50 billion) in 2014, up 17% over the previous year. The strongest growth, however, was seen in digital sales of children’s items/toys at 38%, followed by construction at 33%. Nevertheless, these two categories accounted for just SEK1 billion ($145.7 million) and SEK2 billion ($291.5 million) of total retail ecommerce sales in Sweden in 2014.eMarketer expects retail ecommerce sales in Sweden to grow by 11.7% in 2015 and reach $9.71 billion, representing 3.8% of total retail sales in the country. 

Social Media

Nearly a quarter of merchants are seeing positive ROI from their social media spend, with Facebook by far the most popular. YouTube has a place however as do Twitter and Snapchat. 42% of Swedish respondents are using Instagram daily. Sweden has the second-highest penetration of teen snapchat users, behind Ireland. This doesn’t suggest that there are more users in this demographic than in the US, merely that a higher proportion of ‘mobile’ teens use the app.

Major Shopping Categories

Fashion is the most popular online retail sector in Sweden, followed by media and home electronics. Travel is by-far the most popular vertical for purchases via a mobile device while apparel and electronics are showing signs of expansion. The key brands to watch, especially in the international space, are Amazon, CDon, eBay, and Zalando. CDon and Komple are particularly interesting brands worth investigating further.


9.9 million

Median Age:


Internet Use:

91.5% (16th)

Most Popular Social Network:

Facebook (6.2M users)