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Domestic and preferred card schemes

Swedish online customers like to pay by credit card, with MasterCard and Visa being their most used cards. Online bank transfers are also popular as they are used by three in ten online customers. Almost the same amount of people prefer to pay per invoice cards.

Alternative Payment Methods

Bank transfer is a popular method in Sweden. This service sees the consumer making a ‘push’ payment from their bank account to that of the merchant. Again, this provides consumers with additional confidence as they feel more in control of the transaction. As there are large banks in Sweden, it is worth using a partner that can aggregate these services as part of the checkout process.

Mobile Appetite

Especially in Sweden, more and more people are using their smartphone to shop online. Over there 20% of residents used this device for ecommerce purchases during the second quarter of this year (2015). 

The global rank also serves to highlight how advanced Swedish consumers are in the adoption of smartphones yet, although the usage of mobile devices is growing, it is also important to note that desktops are still an important component in the digital journey. In Sweden, a mobile device is the preferred choice. Apple smartphones hold a slim majority over Android devices. A recent study by the Nordics Smarter eCommerce Group showed that 80% of Swedish retailers use a responsive site to optimise the customer experience. App usage is quite low at 6%.

Customer Experiences

Reinforcing concerns around simple payment methods, the following graphic highlights payment method availability as the biggest concern by respondents to a DIBS survey.


A 2014 survey by Bring highlighted security as the most important consideration for consumers shopping online. 

Most Popular Social Network:

Facebook (6.2M users)

Most Popular Payment Method:

Credit Cards

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