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We believe small businesses are critical to our economy and to building America's future

As SBA’s Office of International Trade works in cooperation with other federal agencies and public- and private-sector groups to assist small businesses seeking to export. Through U.S. Export Assistance Centers, SBA district offices and a variety of service-provider partners, we direct and coordinate SBA’s ongoing export initiatives.

If we do our part to help our small businesses, they can and will provide the highest quality products to customers around the world, of which 97% reside outside the U.S.

Peter Cazamias

 SBA Associate Administrator for International Trade


The SBA Helps Small Businesses Go Global

Export goods to increase your profits, reduce market dependence, and stabilize seasonal sales. The Small Business Administration can introduce you to resources and partners to get help exporting.

Most U.S. banks view loans for exporters as risky. This makes it harder for you to get loans for things like day-to-day operations, advance orders with suppliers, and refinancing existing debts. This is why the SBA can also help your business get easier access to export financing through products like Export Express loans, Export Working Capital loans, and International Trade loans.

Get a grant to help you export

STEP provides financial awards to assist small businesses with export development.

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