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The United States Postal Service is one of the most complex organizations in the country, employing more than 617,000 people and serving every household in the United States. Our size and reach within the US and strategic alliances in over 180 countries have enabled many SMEs to grow globally.

As is the case with many small businesses, the lack of visibility combined with the fear and complexities of shipping internationally are the primary reasons why many SMEs are apprehensive about entering the global space. This holds true industry-wide, and in the case of the USPS, there is a general lack of awareness in the SME community of what the USPS has to offer in the way of international services.

Our involvement in the Getting to Global initiative is one that will enable our company to meet its commitment to global growth, especially in the small business community. The public and private partnership, or, Getting to Global is one that creates a one-stop shop for small businesses who wish to grow their global footprint. The partnership supports USPS’ efforts to simplify shipping internationally, and improve the customer experience. Partnering with global players in the field of technology, social media, international trade and logistics under one umbrella will help improve brand recognition and make shipping internationally less painful and time-consuming for companies who were once apprehensive about expanding into unknown geographies.

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